Win the morning, Win the day Crew S/M

'If you WIN the morning, you WIN the day,” is a quote by Tim Ferriss. The motivation, encouragement, empowerment and drive that oozes from it is and can be life changing! So this sock is your daily reminder so that you have no reason to forget.

How can we win the morning? 
Number 1 is Get up early!
Secondly, set yourself a routine, get up and journal, meditate, practice deep breathing, get up and exercise, listen to a podcast etc. Or get up and prep meals for the day. Find what works for you. Get up and be productive, avoid getting up early and seeking social media, or watching TV, this isn’t winning the morning, this is getting up early to be distracted. Early morning time can be undistracted time, you will have the chance to be productive not distracted. 

76% Cotton 20% Polyester 3% Elastodiene 1% Elastane