Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives everyday.

 To help us do that, we follow these key guiding principles for our brand:


Posisocks wants to spread positivity one pair of socks at a time. Using an educational model, we look to share inspired wisdom around the benefits of a positive mindset to impact the lives of those we serve.


Posisocks aims to make its wearers happier by giving them a positive start and end to the day. We believe happiness can be found in the small and simple as well as the big and bold.


We all want to be part of something, to be connected to a community. When you purchase Posisocks, you become part of a crew of people looking at life as glass half full. We look to build experiences that are inclusive and collaborative engaging a group of like minded, positive thinkers.


Posisocks is about promoting and supporting personal growth, helping us to collectively move towards a more positive mindset as a culture and as individuals.