Live Well Gift Pack šŸ™ƒ


The ultimate gift pack featuring Posisocks Day Dream Lounge Sock aka the happiest socks you will ever meet along with Posisocks Drink Up BottleĀ packed with extra love into a Posisocks Gift Box.

Drink Up Bottle
BPA free and designed to ensure it fits in just about every cup holder, an easy to sip straw for convenience and a handle so you can take your hydration buddy with you everywhere you go.Ā Taking your own water bottle with you to work, to the gym, or on errands is a steady reminder to drink up.

Drinking plenty of water will help keep you in good physical and mental shape, which is why itā€™s important to make hydration part of your overall self-care commitment.

Day Dream Lounge Sock
Features a smiley on the heel of each sock which will be sure to add a healthy dose of cheer to your day.Ā Whether gifting or for yourself, this pair is sure toĀ make you smile.Ā Super soft, warm and comfyĀ socksĀ are the perfect home companion reminding us that time is precious and gratitude isĀ strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.Ā