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The Power of Positivity

Luke & Tegan Johnson's inspiring story

In a world where life often throws unexpected challenges our way, the power of positivity and kindness can truly shine through the darkest of times. This is the story of Luke and Tegan Johnson, a typical couple facing extraordinary circumstances, and how the community rallied around them to make a difference.

Luke and Tegan Johnson appeared to be living the dream life of any typical married couple in their 30s. They both had stable jobs, were physically active, had large social circles, and were surrounded by loving families. However, life had other plans for them.

In late April 2023, Luke began experiencing severe stomach pains. Initially dismissing them as symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or stress, he eventually consulted his GP. To their surprise, Luke was told he required immediate surgery to remove his appendix. But the rollercoaster was far from over.

Days before embarking on an overseas trip, Luke received the devastating news that he had stage 4 Bowel Cancer. The couple faced an uphill battle, with Luke set to undergo 6 months of intense chemotherapy followed by major surgery to remove the tumor and two thirds of his bowel. Just when they thought life couldn’t throw any more curveballs at them, they received some exciting and heart-warming news - they were expecting their first child in late June 2024!


Despite the challenges they faced, Luke and Tegan remained resilient, always finding strength in each other and their growing family. However, the journey took another unexpected turn when Luke was informed that the cancer had spread and was now incurable.

 It was during this difficult time that the power of community and positivity truly made a difference. We Are Posi, a business dedicated to promoting acts of kindness and giving back, learned about Luke’s story through his best mate, David Gates. Determined to bring a smile to Luke’s face and offer some respite from his ongoing battle, We Are Posi organized a surprise for him and Tegan.

 Knowing Luke’s passion for Richmond Football Club and Tegan’s support for Carlton, We Are Posi arranged for the couple to attend the Round 1 match between the two teams. To their astonishment, they were welcomed into the Richmond boardroom by Luke’s idol Trent Cotchin, where they were presented with an official playing jumper bearing Luke’s number (38), and tickets to the match. The couple also had the privilege of meeting the players and coach Adam Yze, before forming a guard of honour as the team took to the field ahead of the big match on the MCG.


While We Are Posi may not have the power to cure Luke’s cancer, what we were able to do was provide Luke and Tegan with a much-needed distraction and an unforgettable experience. Luke’s positive outlook and resilience serve as a reminder to cherish every moment, look out for one another, and prioritize regular health check-ups.

 In a world where acts of kindness and positivity often go unnoticed, Luke and Tegan’s story serves as a testament to the profound impact even the smallest gestures can have on someone’s life. So, why not give it a try? Spread positivity, show kindness, and make a difference – you never know whose day you might brighten or life you might change.

If you've made it this far, we would love for you to show your support in donating to the 'Go Fund Me' page that Luke's brother Nick has set up -



Peter Caldwell

I’m speechless.
I worked with Tegan and she is just the best. I met Luke recently at my son’s wedding. What a tremendous young man.

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